Florence is a community-based project born out of the want for a better governance model for Mastodon.

NB: Florence has previously had several working/placeholder titles: ForkOff, ForkOffTogether, ForkTogether

Currently Mastodon uses what's called the Benevolent Dictator For Life (BDFL) model, which has been causing more and more problems. Particularly already vulnerable and marginalised people are being negatively effected and driven-off by features added without proper consultation. That's the kind of stuff we want to fix.

Right now Florence is still figuring out how we will structure the group, what the rules are, etc. Getting the community sorted is priority number one. Once that's ready we will start work on the programming stuff.

Joining In

If you'd like to contribute in some way the best first step is to join our Mattermost chat at chat.florencesoc.org

From there you can take part in our initial discussions and meetings, in whichever form suits you. If you just want to observe, or just want to vote, that's fine too!

If you'd like to help with the wiki drop Woozle or Rjt a note. Please include your preferred username and the email address to use (for sending your signup link).

If neither of those suit you can talk about stuff on the Fediverse using the tag #Florence and we're bound to see it! You can also follow our fediverse account Forktogether@toot.cat for updates on the project

More Info

  • Temporary Florence project Mastodon account: @forktogether@toot.cat
  • The tags #ForkOff (oldest) #ForkOffTogether, #ForkTogether and #Florence (newest) in the Fediverse.
    See: #Florence on the mastodon.social instance