Under-construction monkies.gif This document is a work in progress. Everything in this document is subject to change.

  1. Call to Order / [Name]
  2. Roll Call
  3. Elect Chairperson (for this meeting)
  4. Elect Secretary (for this meeting)
  5. Elect Meeting Minutes Adjusters (2 people who will look at and adjust the minutes notes)
  6. Review and approve minutes of previous meeting
  7. Review and approve meeting agenda, allowing time for additions to the agenda
  8. Review and adjust Bylaws
    1. The size of the board/committee, and their duties should be discussed and voted on before any members are elected
    2. The exact function of the board/committee also needs to be clarified.
  9. Approval of Bylaws
  10. Elect interim committee to continue working on #ForkTogether
  11. Elect at least 2 auditors
  12. Establishing of authorized signatory
  13. Membership fee
    1. Suggestion: 0 at this point in time
  14. New Business
    1. Project Name - Tag Line
      We’ve had a few days to discuss the matter of Project name, and the brainstorming has resulted in quite a few responses.
      First we’ll check the general interest of the names, by acclamation.
    2. What kind of organization could this association turn into? Discussion. (See also: Operational Plan) Suggestions so far:
      1. Co-op
      2. Non-profit foundation
    3. Temporary platform - Discord is a temporary meeting platform. Where should we move to?
    4. Open source: Do we want to aim to base all infrastructure on open source software? Like replacements for Google Docs, GitHub, etc. as well as other platforms for organizations (like using Loomio for decision processes etc).
    5. Vote on if Laurelai, Maloki and PaulFerence, should be allowed to be nominated for the nominating committee, which will work to help get a diverse Committee for the initiative. Nominating Committee, to prepare a diverse nomination suggestion for the committee/board of this organization, for the members to vote on at the next meeting. This point depends on what kind of org we want.
    6. A vote on whether to create the following working groups, which could start some other practical work from now on.
      1. Interpersonal mediators for for the people who answered “Maybe” on the survey regarding trying to give people a fresh start, and future issues.
      2. Project management/Fork-Group: This group could start by figuring out where to fork from, how to fork, and plan the fork before actually forking the code. From a tech perspective, but also a project management perspective. (Not up for discussion, but this is the proposed work of the work group)
      3. Community management
      4. Potential infrastructure - for gathering detailed assessment of software we can use to aid this project. Tools for communication, documentation, voting, promotion, etc.
      5. Communication & community skills learning group
      6. Fundraising
  15. Additions to Agenda / Opportunity to add Additional-Additional points.
    1. hoodie formally volunteer as a speaker for the topic of identifying a target codebase for the fork
    2. A vote for adding people's names to the agenda items they suggest.
  16. Calendar / Schedule New Meeting?
  17. Adjournment