Code Base

Under-construction monkies.gif This document is a work in progress. Everything in this document is subject to change.

This is a placeholder page for listing the pros and cons of existing Fediverse code bases based upon the fork's Requirements.

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Comparison of Features

Category Feature Mastodon Pleroma Misskey
Technical Repositories [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Third-party web service support Amazon S3 (via Fog) None Amazon S3 None
Federation protocol support ActivityPub & OStatus ActivityPub & OStatus ActivityPub (not fully compliant) ActivityPub & OStatus
Language Ruby & JavaScript Elixir Vue & TypeScript Python
Moderation Audit log Yes
Report functionality Yes No No No
Instance suspension Yes Via Message Rewrite Facility No
Registration control Yes Yes No N/A (single user)
Invitations Yes No No N/A (single user)
Spambot prevention Weak None reCAPTCHA N/A (Single user)
Federation configuration Blacklists Via Message Rewrite Facility None
Privacy Private accounts Yes Yes Yes No
Post searching Limited to self Limited to self Yes No
Post visibility control Fixed categories:
  • public
  • unlisted
  • followers only
  • direct
Fixed categories:
  • public
  • unlisted
  • followers only
  • direct
Fixed categories:
  • public
  • home (unlisted)
  • followers
  • direct
  • private
Public only
EXIF image data stripping Yes No No Yes
Accessibility Screen-reader friendly No No No Slightly
Motion sensitivity control

Disable autoplaying GIFs
Reduce motion in animations
Obscure media

Play-on-hover GIFs
Obscure media

Content warnings Yes Yes Yes (not kept when responding) No
High-contrast theme Yes Possible No Possible
Navigable by keyboard Hotkeys (documented)
Decent tab navigation (sometimes focuses on invisible elements)
Okay tab navigation (skips likes and boosts) Hotkeys? (undocumented)
Okay tab navigation (focuses only on posts; no clear way to interact with it/its subelements)
Simple but decent tab navigation
Features Content visibility control
  • Mute user
  • Block user
  • Filters
    • Keyword or phrase
    • By context
    • With duration
  • Mute user
  • Block user
  • Filters
    • Keyword
  • Mute user
Post pinning Multiple No Single Single
Account migration Only by importing and exporting data lists Only by importing and exporting follow list No (no account deletion) No import or export.

Username and domain can be changed in configuration.

Account redirect Yes No No N/A (single user)
Site themes


  • Dark (default)
  • High-contrast
  • Light

Admin can provide additional themes

  • Background image
  • Element colors
  • 7 presets
  • Light (default)
  • Dark
Light (can customize CSS on server)
Polls No No Yes No
Location tag No No Yes No
Post embedding No No Yes