Florence Crew Meetings/2019-03-29

Time: 8PM UTC


  • maloki@elekk.xyz
  • lightdark@weirder.earth
  • 1011X@mastodon.social
  • jhaye@social.libre.fi

Meeting summary

New members

New crew members 1011X and Jhaye are welcomed Suggested to bring new members into different teams:

  • Jhaye in infrastructure group, it's agreed that Lightdark brings them in
  • 1011X in development group, Maloki plans to introduce them to her plans over the weekend (separate meeting scheduled).

Asynchronous and Synchronous Communication

Short discussion about both modes of communication. We still agree that both are needed.

  • Mattermost synchronous
  • Discourse asynchronous

Maloki provides update on setup for Mattermost

  • Woozle and Melody are working on it, basics are set up, but no further knowledge about the situation.
  • Lightdark proposes to help move it along.
  • promoted another discussion about when to give tasks to someone else.

The discourse server that Melunaka set up, for MastoFork, is mentioned again, and that we can use it, in accordance to previous agreement. In order get groups working right now (instead of waiting for Mattermost).

  • Lightdark was supposed to work on this together with Melunka
  • Lightdark says they forgot and agrees with having Discourse set up

Groups / teams

It is decided that people can work across teams, however "first and foremost" their assigned team. Currently, Maloki, Jhaye, 1011x, Fon (lightdark) are all governance (along with Satsuma who's only occasionally around due to health); Jhaye and Fon are also on infrastructure, and Maloki and 1011x are helping organize the start of the development team.

Time frames and communication

Maloki proposes that we always set a time frame for given/claimed tasks. Default is 7 days. Larger tasks should receive larger time frame, but needs to be communicated immediately by person taking in the task. When time frame is exceeded and the team hasn't heard back, the task is eligible to be transferred to someone else, this should be done in accordance with urgency. When one is unable to finish within the time frame, they should report back to the group if possible.


Maloki has proposed to set things up on Woozle's infrastructure for now, in the extent that they are willing to. Also offered to pay Woozle for the expenses as it would help offset her costs, reduce costs for the group overall at this early stage. Expense claim to be reported by Woozle once Open Collective is set up, and running.

Open collective, and funding

Maloki informs regarding previous agreement about team payments, the group will prioritise paying people according to need. Maloki asks if any of the newcomers find need for payment right now.

After explaining the way the project is looking to distribute funds, Maloki and 1011x agree to split her previously proposed share. ($250, to be shared $150/100 when means are available, with priority to 1011x)

Maloki further explains the group's plans regarding finance as, financial means are to be evenly distributed between governance, development and infrastructure, but also according to need, however there should be accessible funds of the same amounts for the other teams, for later use. This suggestion isn't final, but a start, and as teams develop they may need more money. There should always be money for one off contributors, as well as team members.

Scheduled meetings

Meeting time between Maloki and 1011X was decided, 2018-03-31 8PM UTC, topic: organising of the developer team.

Date of the next meeting was decided, 2018-04-12 8PM UTC, due to Maloki going out of town for a doctor's appointment.