Florence Crew Meetings/2019-05-26

Time: 4PM UTC


  • lightdark@toot.cat (lead)
  • maloki@elekk.xyz
  • mecaka@elekk.xyz
  • skrlet13@mastodon.social

Summary and decisions

  • lightdark described pending milestones for release next week
    • tasks posted on GitHub under v0.0.1.0 (Pre-Release 0.1.0) milestone
    • updated cryptpad link to describe new versioning scheme
    • decided to create separate write.as account for hosting releases, where people can follow via fediverse, XML feed, email
  • lightdark suggested forking mastodon documentation, maloki agreed to push this to 0.2 two weeks later
    • unsure whether documentation is licensed GFDL or CC-BY-SA, have to ask
  • maloki will post CTA on fediverse asking for more reviewers on GitHub
    • these reviewers will be checking code/etc. changes to make sure their functionality is implemented correctly
    • current governance folks will be acting as second reviewers, making sure that adequate discussion is had before merging potentially problematic things
  • skrlet13 asked for help finishing up CoC
    • skrlet13 wants to finish up glossary
    • mecaka will look into it later
  • maloki will set up opencollective over the next week

Next meeting

Next week, 02-06-2019, same time https://time.is/compare/1600_2_June_2019_in_UTC