Florence Crew Meetings/2019-06-09

Time: 4PM UTC


  • 1011X@mastodon.social
  • jhaye@social.libre.fi
  • lightdark@toot.cat
  • maloki@elekk.xyz
  • mecaka@elekk.xyz
  • skrlet13@mastodon.social

Summary and decisions

  • We're trying to get the things done for pre-release 0.1 today, and if it doesn't work out we take a few more days. People have tasks on their table already, and follow ups when the release is done etc.
  • We decided to wait with infrastructure until first release is out.
  • We decided to try and get the Open Collective ready to set up (with boosting a post etc), and do that prep work.
  • We decided to write a intro for the new blog and with release notes / change log for it.
  • We'll be basing off 2.9rc1 and we'll add a 0.1.1 when 2.9 stable is out.
  • The repo name (not decided) will be changed later.
  • Branding may be changed later.
  • Priority will be designated with letters (A, B, C).

Next meeting

Next week, 16-06-2019, same time https://time.is/compare/1600_2_June_2019_in_UTC