Florence Crew Meetings/2019-07-14


  • maloki@elekk.xyz (leader)
  • lightdark@toot.cat (notetaker)
  • 1011X@mastodon.social
  • skrlet13@mastodon.social


  1. Introduce the checklist, as something which the person who's hosting the meeting each week can prepare as the week goes, and pin and edit. Additions to the agenda should be added as a reply to the original post (this is the original post this time). Pin post, unpin after meeting and prepare next weeks checklist/note.
  2. Suggestion: focusing the meeting on how we communicate internally, and reach decisions before we act on what we think was a decision etc? (And by extension, how we communicate externally and handle stuff like what happened recently.)
  3. If there's enough time, check back in on the previous weeks meeting notes and results of said work.

Summary and decisions

  1. Checklist was approved without changes.
    • lightdark agreed to take notes.
    • lightdark mentioned it might be worthwhile to have it on a wiki page.
      • maloki said it'd be easier to have just in meeting notes and pinned on mattermost.
      • everyone agreed.
  2. Longer term, there will be both outreach and moderation teams who will have their own weekly meetings to resolve issues; for now, moderation actions will be incredibly limited and all discussions will be held at these weekly meetings. A page will be added to the wiki and used as a central location for describing what Florence is and who's on the team. An invite-only channel was created in the governance team on mattermost for discussing sensitive information and resolving conflicts.
    • maloki mentioned that we recently had a problem which could have been avoided, and asked what we should do about it.
      • maloki mentioned that during the conflict, she and lightdark both communicated privately instead of with the team.
      • lightdark agreed that they and maloki should bring these issues to the team before acting.
      • maloki clarified that the decision to not add Laurelai to Florence was done by the team of her, lightdark, paulference, and satsuma.
      • maloki clarified that the decision to inform people of Laurelai not being on the team was her own.
      • maloki recommended sharing a flowchart in mattermost on how to deal with these issues publicly.
    • lightdark mentioned that longer term, we should have a communication team which discusses weekly what issues have come up and how they should be presented.
      • maloki mentioned that this will likely be the future role of the outreach team.
      • lightdark agreed and mentioned that there should be consensus from the team on outreach, and no one should act on their own behalf for the behalf of the entire team.
      • maloki recommended asking bobby to join once he's less occupied with Glimpse.
    • maloki brought up the issue of internalising policy decisions, and how we're spreading ourselves thin by working on too many things at once.
      • maloki reiterated that we should not act before team consensus, and that no one should speak on behalf of the team by themself.
    • lightdark also mentioned that there should be a moderation team that has weekly meetings as well, whose exact role would be detailed in the CoC.
      • maloki clarified that we really don't want to do moderation work outside of banning folks from gab.
      • maloki mentioned that because she has not particularly worked on the CoC, she also isn't fully familiar with its terms, and that we should also spend meetings acquainting ourselves with the CoC and make sure we're following it.
    • lightdark mentioned having a public page clarifying what Florence is and who's on the team.
      • lightdark mentioned this could initially be a wiki page.
      • everyone agreed with having a wiki page as a temporary solution.
      • maloki clarified that we should all discuss
    • 1011x mentioned the update to Mastodon 2.9.2, discussing which changes we should be merging in from upstream.
      • 1011x suggested categorising changes and using this to decide what to merge: 1. internal API changes, dependency updates, tests, etc., 2. translations, 3. support for audio file uploads, 4. support for disabling accounts, 5. other.
      • maloki generalised this list to: 1. internal API changes, dependency updates, tests, etc., 2. translations, 3. bug fixes, 4. new features, 5. other.
      • lightdark mentioned that leaving out older changes increases the cost of merging in new changes, i.e. increases maintenance.
      • maloki proposed allowing 2-3 (translations, bug fixes) but making sure that 1 (internal API changes, dependency updates, tests, etc.) is not actually 4 (new features), and that we should always discuss 4-5 (new features, other).
      • maloki proposed deciding which subset of 2.9.2 should be merged later in mattermost.
    • maloki asked how we should discuss the event with Laurelai, and future conflicts.
      • lightdark recommended creating an invite-only channel in the governance team.
      • everyone agreed with creating the channel, and it was created.
  3. The meeting ended without discussing last week's notes.