Florence Crew Meetings/2019-09-15

Date: September 15 2019 Time: 4PM UTC


  • 1011X@mastodon.social
  • jhaye@social.libre.fi
  • maloki@elekk.xyz
  • skrlet13@chile.masto.host
  • lightdark@toot.cat
  • dmitri@chaos.social

Summary and decisions

New Members

We introduced and welcomed Dmitri to the team.

Road map

As per a previous statement within the Governance group we're currently working on finalizing things in this order:

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Goals/What We want to Achieve
  3. How we want to develop/merge PRs/What do we reject etc.
  4. Crowdfunding Campaign so we can pay people who are working on this project.

3 & 4 will be worked on simultaneously.

Code of Conduct

We continued deciding how to finalize some Code of Conduct details

  • Report email is being set up and folx added to it to receive reports.
  • Update the section about where to report, and
  • We'll add the 3 names (jhaye, 1011x & skrlt13) to the CoC to clarify whom will be reading this report. And mention that if you want to report outside of that to someone you're more comfortable talking with that's also an okay option.
  • We'll reevaluate whom are on this list in 3 months (2019-12-15), and every three months until further notice.
  • We will review and update the CoC on a 6month basis, unless something urgent happens.
  • We will update and add the CoC to the software, as well as the github's CoC.
  • We announce with toot when the CoC is published ^as per usual
  • Dmitri and skrlet13 will add a section about behaviour outside of our community may be subject to our rules or taken into consideration for decisions we make.

The future: Vision and Mission

We began looking at the next steps: We're starting writing the Vision and Mission document for Florence and Florence-Mastodon (FloMo), as we need a unified idea, and be sure that we're on the same page. As before we're taking into account old discussions, and feedback from members of the community, ranging back over a year.

  • maloki is beginning by drafting, and will share her notes with the group after each writing session (in the Chat).
  • maloki is dedicating one hour every day for the first week to get a first draft complete.
  • At the next meeting we will decide how to work on the draft from there.

Next meeting

Next week, 2019-09-22, same time https://time.is/compare/1600_22_September_2019_in_UTC