Florence Crew Meetings/2019-09-22

Date: September 22 2019 Time: 4PM UTC


  • 1011X@mastodon.social
  • jhaye@social.libre.fi (late)
  • maloki@elekk.xyz
  • skrlet13@chile.masto.host
  • lightdark@toot.cat
  • dmitri@chaos.social (late)

Summary and decisions

Email and Infrastructure

We're extending the time for the email set up, due to needing to set up infrastructure this coming week. When @lightdark @toot.cat has started setting up the server, they'll invite additional people to help out, which will offload and remove some of the bottle-neck. Email should be set up at the latest next Sunday, unless something unforseen happens. For reference, the planned email address is report [at] florencesoc.org

CoC and report timeline

Report timeline, will be 3 days to acknowledge, and 14 days to process.

Florence Vision and Mission

We're continuing to work on the Vision and Mission document this week, and see how we feel about it by next meeting, and see if it's time to start working on the crowdfunding campaign, and the development plans.

Next meeting

Next week, 2019-09-29, same time https://time.is/compare/1600_29_September_2019_in_UTC