Florence Crew Meetings/2019-10-13

Date: October 13 2019 Time: 4PM UTC


  • jhaye@social.libre.fi
  • maloki@elekk.xyz
  • dmitri@chaos.social


maloki (instead of dmitri, decision made at the beginning of the meeting)


maloki (instead of dmitri, decicion made at the end of the meeting)

Summary and decisions

Crew Status: Reduce workload for a few

After some discussion, and temperature check, during the meeted we've decided to reduce workload on a few members of the crew, while a few members continue and draft up the last documentation needed before crowdfunding begins. We will still continue monthly checkins for members (as they please), and only ask for Github reviews once a month (if needed). A smaller crew will continue working, with a slightly higher workload in order to provide the documentation for final review and acceptance by the others before they return. Some members of the crew will keep writing updates on the mattermost for the other members to read and stay up to date.

Meetings and work-sessions

Considering the changes to the work load and size of team, we will have work sessions more sporadically as some members will try to put more work in over the next few weeks to finalize documentation (as mentioned above). We will still host our next meeting in 2 weeks, but no work session on Sunday. We'll decide more next week.


We're merging the last changes on Github, and finalizing blog post.

Next meeting

Next week, 2019-10-27, same time https://time.is/compare/1600_27_october_2019_in_UTC