Florence Crew Meetings/MeetingNotesTemplate

Using this template:

This template is to make notetaking easier at the meetings, and make it easier to format and post to the wiki. Simply start by editing this post and copying everything below Template, alt go to this CryptPad and copy from there. Remove all [ ] before publishing, and edit required fields:

  • Attendees is templated with the most common attendees, remove the ones not attending.
  • Add dates, when it says Month put in the name of the month, when it says mm the number.
  • We can provide additional help via the chat/Mattermost.


Date: Month dd yyyy Time: 4PM UTC


  • 1011X@mastodon.social (host change appropriately)
  • jhaye@social.libre.fi
  • maloki@elekk.xyz (notes change approriately)
  • skrlet13@chile.masto.host
  • lightdark@toot.cat
  • dmitri@chaos.social

Summary and decisions

New Members [if applicable]

We introduced and welcomed Name to the team. [Additional Notes as required]

Subject/Decision [Copy in as many as needed]

Information and results


Information and results


Information and results

Next meeting

Next week, yyyy-mm-dd, same time https://time.is/compare/1600_dd_month_yyyy_in_UTC