Minutes/Style guide

Since we're currently rotating secretaries, I thought it might be useful to write down the consensus on certain stylistic choices made in the minutes so that they remain consistent from meeting to meeting.

General Notes

  • Excepting in Roll Call, linking to user pages on this wiki is preferred over fediverse handles
  • Use whatever pronouns are listed as a discord role for that person (if they don't have one listed or list multiple, ask. If they don't respond use they as a placeholder). Use whatever capitalization that person uses in roll for their username
  • Quotes are fine, but use them sparingly

Sections included in all meeting minutes


  • Include where and when the meeting was held, who moderated it, who wrote the minutes and who adjusted them

Roll Call

  • Names should be kept identical to how they were written by attendee in roll call, as they are essentially a signature
  • If someone left significantly early or arrived late, feel free to include a time next to their signature on the roll (people have been mostly doing this on their own, which is handy)

Persons Elected

  • Note who opened the meeting at the top of this section [note: talk about moving this to header instead? Here makes more chronological sense, there makes more organizational sense]
  • Include separate sections for each position elected. If multiple people are elected to one position (ex. Minutes adjusters) include them all in the same section

Review and Approval of Last Meetings Minutes

  • Include a link to the minutes and state who took the minutes, who adjusted them, and if the adjusters approved the minutes before the meeting
  • Include a summary of changes made during review
  • Include whether the minutes were approved by members present


  • Include a link to the agenda
  • Include any points added to the agenda
  • Include if the members present approved the agenda

Discussion of points on the Agenda

  • Include a section for each point on the agenda, along with what was discussed during that point
  • Do your best to include a bullet point for every speaker
  • Include a bullet point for every proposal with a summary of that proposal and state whether the proposal passed

Ending the Meeting

  • Include when the meeting ended, any motions that were passed during the ending of the meeting (such as tabling the rest of the agenda for next meeting)