Release Checklist

When preparing a release, remember to check off these things. [WIP]

  1. Picking a name for the release (not necessary until first non-pre-release) [WIP: We are still to discuss naming-conventions]
  2. Writing a proper change log (resource) [WIP: Provide a tool/guide for how to do it for Florence]
  3. Upgrade instructions for the release (if applicable) [WIP: We are creating the actual templates and stuff for Upgrade instructions over the next few weeks, for next release (after first) ]
  4. Publishing changelog on Florence-development blog.(This automatically does the following: Creating a new entry in the RSS/Atom feed, Sending out an email to the mailing list Posting to fediverse account)
  5. Linking posts in the Mattermost server
  6. Making a GitHub release
  7. Building a docker image