Release Checklist

When preparing a release, remember to check off these things. [WIP]

  1. Pick a name for the release (not necessary before v1.0.0.0) [WIP: We are still to discuss naming-conventions]
  2. Write a proper change log (resource) [WIP: Provide a tool/guide for how to do it for Florence]
  3. Update the upgrade instructions for the release if necessary. [WIP: We are creating the actual templates and stuff for Upgrade instructions over the next few weeks, for next release (after first) ]
  4. Publish the changelog on the Florence-development blog. This automatically does the following:
    • Create a new entry in the RSS/Atom feed
    • Send out an email to the mailing list
    • Post to the fediverse account
  5. Link posts in the Mattermost server
  6. Add the release to git
    • The changelog entry should be added to a `vx.y.z.w` tag on git. See the previous releases for how the translation from the changelog markdown to the plain-text tag is usually done.
    • Two additional tags should be made, one for the date the release is done and another for the nicer name for the release. Again, see the existing tags for how this is published.
    • Copy the markdown version of the changelog into a GitHub release for the `vx.y.z.w` tag. Make sure the link references for the section are all available, and remove the `@` to avoid mentioning people on GitHub.
  7. Build a docker image (note: this should happen automatically, but double check when it's finished)