Operational Plan

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Before forking-off the following things should be in place:


  • Name the association
  • Goal of the association
    • Vision statement
    • Mission statement
  • Finalize CoC
    • How will the CoC be applied?
    • Who will apply the CoC?
    • How will the CoC apply to those who apply it?
    • Where will these be published?
  • Finalize by-laws
    • How will diversity be encouraged?
    • How will issues raised by those in a minority be addressed, and not overruled by the majority?
    • Where will these be published?
  • Create organization
    • What kind of organization should it be?
    • What country will the organization be created in?
    • How will the organization be balanced?
    • How will the organization’s activities be reported?
    • How will the organization be funded?
  • Determine needed featureset
  • Determine release we’re forking off from
    • Should check for which features are already created in various forks.
    • Should determine if there are negative features in the release that can be disabled.
  • Determine enhancement priority
    • Where will this list be published?
    • How will emergency enhancements be handled?
  • Create group(s) for:
    • Coding
    • Feedback
    • Mediation
    • Training
    • Usability
    • TBD
  • Infrastructure Discussion
    • What should we use for project communication?
    • The Basic Breakdown: Synchronous, asynchronous, or both?
    • For detail see: Potential Infrastructure

Example Infrastructure & Process Proposal

“Structuring your Open Source project for the purposes of Accessibility & Social Activism” by hoodie aka kitten - https://medium.com/@novemberninerniner/structuring-your-open-source-project-for-the-purposes-of-accessibility-social-activism-6b1d7fe6c97d